Southwest Neuro Imaging
Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Specialists


SNI is responsible for diagnostic neuroimaging at the Barrow Neurological Institute, one of the world's premier institutes for neurosurgery where more than 4000 neurosurgical procedures are performed annually. All members of SNI are senior members of the American Society of Neuroradiology. The group also includes a physicist who specializes in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

SNI is a national leader in MRI research and has made groundbreaking contributions in the areas of MR angiography (2D TOF, MOTSA), one-bang imaging, and propeller diffusion.

Through St. Joe’s and the Barrow Neurological Institute, SNI offers one of the largest and most respected neuroradiology fellowships in the country. Currently there are 8 fellows (4 per year). The experience offered is one of the few offering the full breath of neuroradiology including a busy angiography practice, interventional spine procedures, as well as state of the art MRI and CT. Since the inception of the program, over 60 neuroradiologists have been trained at the Barrow.

SNI has one of the largest experiences in computed tomography (CT) angiography (CTA) and CT perfusion. In an average month approximately 4000 imaging procedures are completed, with over seventy perfusion studies and 250 CTAs. Roughly 100 conventional neuro angiograms are completed per month.

SNI is one of the few neuroradiology groups to offer an active practice in interventional spinal procedures including epidural steroid injections, nerve root blocks, facet injections, and vertebroplasty.

SNI is the only group of radiologists in Phoenix to offer provide subspecialty interpretation. Both at the Barrow and our affiliated centers (Biltmore Advanced Imaging and TMC Imaging) examinations are presented to the appropriate radiologist electronically rather than the radiologist present at the site the study is acquired. SNI has a long experience with PACS and remote interpretation. One of our members (E.F.) is the co-founder of DR Systems, one of the largest and most respected PACS vendors in the country. The Barrow has had PACS for the last 8 years and is filmless for all digital modalities. Over 1000 exams/month from all parts of the Phoenix Metropolitan area are distributed electronically via frame relay.

Current Staff:

SNI Neuroradiologist
Roger Bird, M.D.
Bruce Dean, M.D.
Evan Fram, M.D.
Joseph Heiserman, M.D., Ph.D.
John Karis, M.D.
Shez Partovi, M.D., C.M.
Alan Pitt, M.D.
Erin Prenger, D.O.
Robert Wallace, M.D.
Jeffrey S. Ross, M.D.
Angela Dagermanjian, M.D.

SNI Body Imagers
Randy Silberman, M.D.

Affiliated MR Physicist
Jim Pipe, Ph.D.
Josef Debbins, Ph.D.
Donglai Huo, Ph.D.